Sasha Ilnyckyj (he/him) is an aspiring educator currently completing his teacher’s education training at the University of Victoria in Victoria, Canada.

A tutor, classroom teacher in-training, and piano instructor, Sasha possesses a fascination with learning and the learner. His educational philosophy continues to evolve and gravitate around themes of project-based learning, multiliteracy and student empowerment.

Sasha’s educational journey has often taken him to the intersections that lie at the junction between the shrewd sciences and the expressive arts. He holds a B.A. in history & psychology (McGill University), a diploma in classical music (Capilano University), and has significant supplemental education in biology (University of Victoria). This eclectic learning trajectory was charted with the hope that breadth will enable him to design interdisciplinary explorations that engage and empower his students.

This site exists to document his evolution as an educator. Thank you for reading.

Sasha Ilnyckyj